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Andorra set to become the latest country to legalise same sex marriage

When the European country adopts the legislation it will become the 28th country to do so.

The ruling coalition of Andorra has put forward a bill which would remove the legal distinction between same sex civil unions and heterosexual weddings.

Same sex civil unions have been recognised in Andorra since 2014 which also meant couples in such unions were able to adopt.

Andorra is one of Europe's smallest countries with a population of just 80,000 and laws which ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation are enforced, however such laws don't exist to protect the trans community.

Katrin Hugendubel, who is advocacy director at LGBTQ rights group ILGA Europe told Reuters on Monday it was a "Message to all of Europe that human rights are not to be forgotten, or to be exploited for political gain at this time of global turbulence" referencing the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile barrister Jonathan Cooper at Doughty Street Chambers said "For countries that continue to discriminate against LGBT people and persecute them as they do in Russia, Andorra's move is further evidence that they are on the wrong side of history".

Its been 19 years since the first country introduced same sex marriage, that was the Netherlands in 2001.

In Asia, Taiwan recently became the first place in Asia where gay marriages were allowed.

The changes to marriage in Andorra are expected to take effect in a few months time.

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