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Gay Teacher Donates Thousands to LGBTQ Charity After $100,000 Payout

A Texas teacher who was suspended after showing students a photo of her future wife has donated $10,000 to an LGBTQ charity.

Stacy Bailey and Julie Vasquez

Stacey Bailey from Mansfield Independent School District in a suburb of Dallas, Fort Worth secured a $100,000 settlement earlier this week.

The district has said its board will vote on adding sexual orientation to its anti-discrimination policy and train staff about LGBTQ issues.

The lawsuit dates back to August 2017 when Bailey showed pictures of her family which included her same sex fiancé as part of a 'getting to know your teacher' presentation at Charlotte Anderson Elementary School.

Following a complaint from a parent, Paul Holding, the school board put her on paid administrative leave for eight months.

When Bailey returned to teaching in 2018 officials assigned the Art teacher to a different school where she still teaches.

In May 2018 she sued the school district in Federal Court for discrimination and in October 2019 a judge ruled the district had violated her constitutional rights.

The school district claim they came to a settlement to avoid ongoing litigation but denies any wronging, though they say the photos were not a reason to suspend her.

In a statement the teacher said 'The agreements the district and I made in this settlement are a positive first step in making things better for gay employees, gay students and gay families in Mansfield'.

Bailey's attorney Jason Smith has also donated $10,000 to the Human Rights Campaign.

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