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Killer of three LGBTQ people faces life in prison

19 year-old Devon Kareem Robinson has been convicted of shooting Alunte Davis, Timothy Blancher and Paris Cameron at a house party in Detroit, Michigan.

The incident took place on May 25th 2019 when Robinson ran into Cameron at a petrol station before going to a house party with her.

When he left the party prosecutors said he later returned in a black ski mask and opened fire on more than 15 people in attendance.

More than 20 gunshots were fired and two others - Clifton Keys and Armon Matthews were left seriously injured.

The jury found Robinson guilty after a week long trial earlier this month and he could now face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The ten charges against him included three first-degree murders, two assaults with intent to murder, and five charges of use of a firearm in connection with a felony.

Blancher and Davis were both gay men and Cameron was a transgender woman all aged under 22.

Witness testimony and other evidence indicated that Robinson carried out the killings out of a sense of 'internalised homophobia'.

Robinson had engaged in sexual acts with multiple people at the party including Cameron and became upset and angry by people that started calling him gay.

He is set to be sentenced on April 13th.

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