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Pete Buttigieg endorses Joe Biden

Openly gay former candidate Pete Buttigieg has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden 24 hours after dropping out of the race.

At a rally in Texas on Sunday night Buttigieg said "The only way we beat Trump is through a politics that reflects the decency of the American people."

"It's what we sought to practice in my campaign — and it's what [Joe Biden] has practiced his whole life."

In a heartfelt speech with Buttigieg standing behind him Biden said the former South Bend mayor reminded him of his son, adding:

"I didn't ask Pete to endorse me, but I called him and told him that we needed him to stay engaged."

We needed him badly to be involved. Because when he talked to the campaign ... about 'passing the torch to the next generation,' that's absolutely essential."

Beau was Biden's eldest child who eventually became attorney general of Delaware. Beau also served in the Army National Guard. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour and tragically died in 2017.

Biden said that Buttigieg's "unlimited potential" was similar to that of his son and that he looked forward to seeing his continued public service.

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana also has a military record, having served in the U.S. Naval Reserves and being deployed to Afghanistan.

Buttigieg ended his campaign on Sunday which was followed on Monday by Amy Kloubachar also deciding to end her run and support Biden.

Political commentators say it appears to be a concerted attempt to hold back Vermont Senator and front runner Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.

Analysis from Sam Wise (Being LGBTQ)

Going into Tuesday's crucial primaries it'll be interesting to see if rallying around Biden pays off and if other candidates such as Elizabeth Warren decide to consider their options.

Biden's bounce in just three days can't be understated having had a huge win in the South Carolina primary on Saturday night easily beating Sanders.

However Sanders still remains the favourite with the highest delegate count and most primary wins this election cycle.

Following Super Tuesday no doubt eyes will be on potential running mates for Biden. Could Buttigieg be waiting in the wings?

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