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Protest held at Mexico mall that kicked out gay couple for kissing

Demonstrators made an impact with a colourful protest at a Mexico mall on Sunday after a same sex couple were booted out by a security guard.

The guard said the kissing was bothering customers and went against the mall's policy against public displays of affection.

Protesters shouted "love is love" as they made their way through the Galerias Monterrey Mall in Monterrey Mexico.

Organised by local drag queens and attended by a crowd of over 100 people, cheers could be heard as same sex couples started kissing in defiance of the mall's so called policy.

Jorge Anguiano posted a video on Facebook after he and his boyfriend Ivan had been kicked out of the mall.

The couple were waiting for a movie to start at the nearby theatre before security guards approached them and asked them to leave.

They also say that the guard said they "could not be groping" outside in case children saw them.

The video has since had over 43,000 views.

As protesters marched around the mall at 3pm, bringing shoppers to a stand still they chanted "education is the option" and "no to discrimination".

The Facebook event which was launched to organise the protest states:

It’s 2020 and there are still cases in which the guards continue to harass and intimidate gay couples for showing affection, and ask “with all due respect” to stop showing affection because their customers are “bothered.” … Every act that wants to repress us is an opportunity to make us visible and show that we are not alone.

The first constitutional article prevents any person from being discriminated against because of their sexual preference and it is time to exercise our right publicly and collectively…. Let men, women, the elderly and children see us, see that love is nothing to hide, much less that it is something that should be persecuted.

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