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Track Star Denis Finnegan Hopes Coming Out Will Help Others

In a recent interview one of the most decorated Irish track and field athletes worldwide talked about his coming out experience.

Speaking to the 'Five Rings To Rule Them All' podcast Finnegan said he came out to his family first and "it's all been a totally good response"

Finnegan who is based in Australia added: "It was never the sport side of things that would be the problem, the athletics for me were always a welcoming place."

"Half the issues were stuff I built up in my head to what could have happened, we're so used to, as a gay person, hiding parts of yourself that you just build up stories about what's actually going on as to what is"

Finnegan says he wants his story out there especially for young LGBTQ youth to see and hopefully give them more confidence: "I hope just telling my story might help one person notice there's more out there."

You can hear the full interview with Denis Finnegan - HERE

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